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Shirley and I both attend the New Horizons Church which meets in Morley Town Hall at 10.30 am. on Sunday morning and in the evening at 5 pm. in the Salvation Army in Vicarge Street Wakefield, WF1 1QX, and at 6 pm in the URC Long Causeway Church, in Dewsbury, WF13 1NW

We are a Spirit filled church and believe that the bible is God's word to us. We turn to the gospels and take our lead from what Jesus did and what He said, and how He acted.

Nowhere in God's Word do we read of the church being a building. The church was always the people. In the New Horizons Church the emphasis is upon people and the community. Worship is not rooted in ceremony or ritual but in the hearts of men and women. Life that is found in Jesus, cannot be substituted by religious 'feelings' or 'pious words'. In the human heart there are many feelings, longings, and desires which are often left unfulfilled. We wonder about life and we search for a meaning to it, especially as we grow older and our families are grown up. The New Horizons Church has found that the real meaning to life can only be found when we have made our peace with God. In Morley, Dewsbury and Wakefield/Horbury /Ossett area we are helping to provide an alternative to other forms of worship, believing that there is a need for an informal approach to worship.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is an essential aid to worship and He gives spiritual gifts to men and women. He inspires their worship and brings forth real praise to Almighty God.

As an alternative form of worship we use modern styles of song which help us to express our praise and worship, with the words shown on a screen using an overhead projector. Many wonderful new songs have been written that enable today's generation to relate to christianity.

We believe in a loving heavenly Father who cares for each one of us. We believe in Jesus Christ who went to the Cross for our wrongs and who has the power to forgive us those wrongs, and give us a new start in life. We pray for the sick and look for the miracle-working power of God to heal them. We have seen recent healings; one of a severe heart attack and another from collapse. We believe in a God who prospers His people and enables them to help others who are less fortunate. We believe that one day Jesus will return to set the accounts straight. We believe the Bible to be the Word of God for all men and women, regardless of class, colour or culture.

If you want to know more about our church, or are searching for an answer to life's problems or simply want to know Jesus and to have Him come into your life then please E-mail me at address at the bottom.

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dividing bar used by John Olsen and Shirley Olsen for New Horizons Church

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