Relationship Page of John & Shirley Olsen

dividing bar used by John Olsen and Shirley Olsen for Family Relationships

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There are three relationships recorded. First for me and Shirley, secondly for John, Thurstan, Lisa, Pauline, Michelle, and thirdly for our grandchildren. These are all blood line relationships. They are recorded between [ ] brackets.
The codes used are as follows,
F = Father
M = Mother
S = Son
D = Daughter
Si = Sister
B = Brother
U = Uncle
A = Aunt
N = Niece or Nephew
1, 2, 3 etc = First, Second, Third, etc, Cousin
1, 2, 3, etc, R = Once, Twice, Three Times, etc, Removed
g = Great or Grand
2g = great grand or great great
3g = great great grand or great great great
L = in Law
½ = half
step = step