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John Christian Olsen a031 John Christian Olsen [S;-/B;F/U] was born in Plymouth at 11.40 at night on Friday 22nd February 1974 (1974 1st quarter, Plymouth, folio 7a page 1879), and was known as the prettiest baby in the ward, Mum put this down as all the rosehip wine she'd drunk while carrying him. Dad actually help to deliver him, due a shortage of staff in the hospital. Unfortunately John developed jaundice after birth and had to spend a few days under violet lights. He was Christened on 2nd June 1974. At 2 years John started nursery school, and did very well. Sadly on starting at St. Rumons infants school when he was 5 years old, because he had the education of a 7 year old, he quickly became bored. On going up to the comprehensive school in Tavistock, John had very little interest in school work, even though he did well. When the family moved to Horbury Bridge, John went to South Ossett Comprehensive school, and found the discipline a lot harder and that he had to catch up a lot with his work. At 16 John joined the army as a Junior Cadet in Bath, and 18 joined the army as a driver in the Royal Corps of transport. He has served in Cyprus and Bosnia. He had been interested in army life from he was 12 years old, after joining the army cadets in Ossett.
He married d011 Pauline McCrory when he was 19 (1993 April, Plymouth, folio 21 page 1482), and Danniella was born two years later, and became a father again in 1999 when Ashley was born. Sadly his marriage broke up shortly after Christmas 2000. John then had a new girl friend, called t001 Michelle Sharples who was a pub manager in London. On 12 December 2002 a08 Nell Jennifer was born to John and Michelle. John left the army and is now a lorry driver in the north of England. On 20 July 2008 a10 Finn Oliver was born to John and Michelle. Sadly the relationship with Michelle didn't last so they separated. But they are still good friends and share looking after Nell and Finn.

Picture of John in uniform about 2002.
Photograph of Frances Olsen, John Christian Olsen, Lucy Louise Olsen, Ashley John Olsen and Danniella Louise Olsen about 2002.
Picture of John, Michelle, Danniella and Ashley.
Picture of John and Thurstan. John about 6 years.
Picture of John and Thurstan. John about 9 years.
Picture of John and Michelle June 2007.
Picture of John Edward with John Christian Xmas 1989.
Picture of Finn's birthday party aged 6 years 2014.
Michelle Lorraine Sharples
t001 Michelle Louise Sharples [DP;P;M/stepM/AP] was born on 20 April 1976 (2nd quarter folio 39 page 3246/s) in Salford, to t002 Anthony Arthur Taylor Sharples and t003 Jennifer Patricia Lord.
Anthony Arthur Taylor married Jennifer Patricia Lord in Salford in 1976 (1976 4th quarter, Salford, folio 39 page 0736). Shell has two children: a08 Nell Jennifer and a10 Finn Oliver. She now works with teenagers running a mobile youth club.
Scan of Nell Jennifer Olsen, 05/06/02.
Picture of Nell Jennifer July 2019.
Picture of Nell Jennifer in a long black dress, July 2019.

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