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George James Goodman
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George James Goodman
e01 George James Goodman [FL;gF;2gF] was born on 13 March 1914 (1914 2nd quarter, E. Stonehouse, folio 5b page 476) and died on 15 July 1975 (1975 3rd quarter, Exeter, folio 21 page 1115). He was baptised on 03/02/1915 at St. Jamess the Less in Plymouth. During the 2nd. World War, George served in the army. He was reported missing, but came home with shrapnel injuries and was invalided out of the army, and he became an air-raid warden. When he married he was living in Newton Abbot in Devon. He married e02 Doris Winifred Horder on 26 December 1934 (1934 4th quarter, Croydon, folio 2a page 1351). He had two sons and three daughters. Sadly Barbara was still born.
He was an insurance agent for Royal Liver. They lived above the offices in Tottenham. When they moved back to Devon (1968?) they bought a bungalow at 53 Ashleigh Road, Exmouth. After George's death, Doris sold it on 29/10/1976
His father was a French polisher.

Photograph of offices in Tottenham.
Photograph of George and Doris about 1972 on the balcony of the bungalow.
Photograph of George in uniform in Rome May 1945. The photo was badly damaged.
Photograph of George in uniform. The photo was badly damaged.
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