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Doris Winifred Goodman
e02 Doris Winifred Goodman (née Horder) [ML;gM;2gM] was born on 8 August 1915 (1915 3rd quarter, Camberwall, folio 1d page 1480) and sadly died on 22 August 2002 (2002 Aug, E. Devon, folio 4101B page 7B/018/802) after a long illness. She was left-handed. This caused her many problems at school. In those days left-handers were made to change to become right-handers. Her education suffered as a result. She attended a local mission church but because she was left handed, she was called a sinner. She was married to e01 George James Goodman on 26th December 1934 (1934 4th quarter, Croydon, folio 2a page 1351). She had two sons and three daughters. Barbara was still-borne. Before her marriage, Doris was working as a laundress and was living in Ecclesbourne Road in St Albans, South Norwood, Surrey. Her father was a painter. In 1939 she was living at 39 Brigstock road, Croydon, London. During 1942 & 43 she was evacuated to Liverpool with her 3 children. There is a story of her singing 'White Cliffs of Dover' while she was in Liverpool. She then came back to 168 High Road, Tottenham. Mum enjoyed social life and was a member of the Enterprise Club. She hated football, but enjoyed family parties. She loved dress making and knitting, buying herself a large knitting machine.

Photograph of offices in Tottenham.
Picture of Doris 27/11/1932.
Picture of Memorial to Doris Winifred Goodman in Exeter Crematorium.
Derek James Goodman
e04 Derek James Goodman [BL;U;gU] was born on 19 April 1936 (1936 4th quarter, St. Thomas, folio 5b page 61) and sadly died on 7 June 1992 (1992 June, Mid Devon, folio 21 page 2022/692). In 1939 he was living at 39 Brigstock road, Croydon, London. He did marry June N. Goodman in Thanet in 1982 (1982 2nd quarter, Thanet, folio 16 page 1500), which ended in divorce.
Picture of Derek and Shirley and Sylvia.
Malcolm John Goodman
e05 Malcolm John Goodman [BL;U;gU] was born on 1 May 1949 (1949 2nd quarter, Edmonton, folio 5e page 503).

Picture of Malcolm 2014.
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