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Sylvia Chering
e03 Sylvia Winifred Chering (née Goodman) [SiL;A;gA] was born on 9 November 1939 in Croydon, London (1939 4th quarter, Croydon, folio 2a page 1499). She married e06 Michael Chering [BL;U;gU] on 12 May 1962 (1962 2nd quarter, Edmonton, folio 5e page 535) at St. Ann's Church, St. Ann's Road, Tottenham, London. They had 2 daughters, Lisa Mary and Marian Lucille and one son, Paul Michael. Sylvia's most notable occurrence, was becoming a Christian and baptism. She died on 14/03/2016 in Honiton, aged 76 years. The funeral service was in the Family Church, Honiton on Tuesday 29th March 2016, followed by internment at St Maichael's Churchyoard.
Picture of Sylvia and Derek and Shirley.

Lisa Peat
e07 Lisa Mary Peat [N;1;1,1R] was born on 16 July 1969 (1969 3rd quarter, Redbridge, folio 5d page 2811). She is the elder daughter of Sylvia and Michael Chering. She is left-handed.
Richard Peat
e08 Richard Peat [NL;1L;1L,1R] was born on 10 October 1965 (1965 4tht quarter, Aldershot, folio 6b page 21). He is husband to Lisa. He is an Area Team Leader for careers.
e11 Marian Lucille Cole [N;1;1,1R] was born on 19 January 1971 (1971 1st quarter, Devon C, folio 7a page 850). She is the younger daughter of Sylvia and Michael Chering.
e12 Hugh Cole [NL;1L;1L,1R] was born on 15 July 1961. He is husband to Marian. His first wife was e26 Unknown.
male cole
e17 [gN;1,1R;2] male Chering Cole was born on 16 May 1997. Son to Marian and Hugh.
female cole
e18 female Chering Cole [gN;1,1R;2] was born on 4 October 1998. Daughter to Marian and Hugh.
James Peat
e13 James Peat [gN;1,1R;2] was born on 26 January 1993 and weighed 7lbs. Son to Lisa and Richard.
Rebecca Peat
e14 Rebecca Peat [gN;1,1R;2] was born on 2 May 1994. Daughter to Lisa and Richard.
male Chering
e09 male Chering [N;1;1,1R] was born on 7 October 1973 (1973 4th quarter, Exeter, folio 7a page 880). Son of Sylvia and Michael Chering. He is married to wife. He is a painter and decorator by trade, but is now training to become an electrician.
wife Chering
e10 wife Chering [NL;1L;1L,1R] was born on 18 September 1964 in Colombia. She is married to male.
female Chering
e15 female Chering [gN;1,1R;2] was born on 10 August 1997. Daughter of male and wife. She is left-handed and left-footed.
e16 male Chering [gN;1,1R;2] was born on 26 october 1998. Son of male and wife. He is left-handed and left-footed.
e24 Ralph Cole was married to e25 Betty Cole. They had three sons: e12 Hugh Cole [NL;1L;1L,1R]; e28 Nigel Cole: e31 Phillip Cole.
e28 Nigel Cole was married to e29 Unknown. They had a daughter: e30 Jessica Cole.
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