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Photo of Elaine Sandra Sweeting
h041 Elaine Sandra Sweeting (née Poulton) [1;1,1R;1,2R] was born on 21 April 1954 (1954 quarter 2, Croydon, folio 5g page 100). She married h042 Robert Stanley Sweeting on 1st. November 1975.
h042 Robert Stanley Sweeting [1;1,1R;1,2R] was born on 12 March 1954 and married h041 Elaine Poulton on 1st November 1975
h043 Chantelle Rene Hyland (née Sweeting) [1,1R;2;2,1R] was born on 16 April 1976. Her first marriage to h049 ? Morgan [1,1R;2;2,1R] ended in divorce. She had one daughter h0431 Rene [1,2R;2,1R;3]. She was married to h045 Christopher Dean Hyland [1,1R;2;2,1R], and has one daughter, Hannah, born in London on 14/09/2003, and a son, Troy born on 09/09/2005. She is now divorced from Tuffy, 2006.
h045 Christopher Dean Hyland [1,1R;2;2,1R] called Tuffy, was married to h043 Chantelle. He was born in England in 1955 (1955 quarter 3, Manchester, folio 10e page100), mother Evans. He has a son, h0483 Dean [1,2R;2,1R;3] from an earlier marriage. He is now divorced, 2006, from Chantelle.
h044 Adam Keith Sweeting [1,1R;2;2,1R] was born on 6 September 1979. He married h0442 Angelique Gabrielle Robertson [1,1R;2;2,1R] on 15/03/2005. He has a son h0441 Keith [1,2R;2,1R;3] and two daughters, h0443 Sarah [1,2R;2,1R;3] and h0444 Leila [1,2R;2,1R;3]
h046 Hannah Morgan-Hyland [1,2R;2,1R;3] is daughter of Christopher and Chantelle Hyland. She was born in London on 14/09/2003 (2003, October, Havering, HD32, 234/1D, Entry 139).
h0461 Troy Morgan-Hyland [1,2R;2,1R;3] is son of Christopher and Chantelle Hyland. He was born on 09/09/2005
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