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Mandia Campbell
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Duncan Campbell
Duncan Kevin Campbell [1;1,1R;1,2R] was the second son of Mandia Olsen and Angus Stewart Campbell. Duncan was married to Patricia [1;1,1R;1,2R] and had three daughters, Samantha [1,1R;2;2,1R], Teresa [1,1R;2;2,1R] and Caroline [1,1R;2;2,1R]. He sadly died in a car crash on 25 August 1993.

Picture of Mandia and Eric and Duncan on his graduation Day.
When I think of Duncan's achievement in life, the main things that come to my mind are determination and confidence in his own ability.
Early in his marriage was probably the biggest test on Duncan. He had a wife and a new born baby to care for, on a minimal wage as well as put himself through college. But he knew what he wanted for himself and his family and it was his determination and his self confidence, plus a lot of help from Trishy that got them where they are today.
There is no doubt that Duncan was respected in his work environment. But it was his family life that I respected him for most, you only had to hear Duncan talking about his family to know the pride and love he had for them. He and Trishy's relationship as husband and wife was one of total commitment and love for each other.
Duncan's relationship with his girls was unique. He was a devoted father who always encouraged them. He had the gift of making them feel great about themselves and to utilise their abilities to achieve whatever was possible. Samantha and Teresa will always remember their Dad proudly and in turn will pass on to Caroline everything they learned from him as well as the memories.
There was nothing Duncan wouldn't do for his family.
And the same could be said about his relations and friends. We have lived in Brisbane for about 12 years - the number of times, we received help from him in that time are too many to count. I'm sure that applies to many others as well.
Duncan was an enormous help to his mother, always looking after her welfare - be it with trivial matters or otherwise.
So Duncan was a lot of things to a lot of people: A loving husband and father, a caring son or someone you could trust if you needed him. But to me, I'm proud to call him: My Mate.
Patricia's brother.
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