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This an early Coat of Arms granted to somebody bearing the surname OLSEN. ( Rietstap Armorial General ).
Coat of Arms
"D'arg, a un chicot au nat., pose en fasce, poussant des feuilles des deux cotes, et cant, de quatre coeurs de gu."
"Silver, a naturally coloured tree stump, placed horizontally, from the sides naturally coloured leaves are growing; in each corner a red heart."
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Olsen Family Tree
Welcome to the Family Tree. There are many pages to this site. Occasionally you will come onto main pages, like this one. There are many other secondary pages which are obtained by either from the menu at the left, or from the drop down menu as the bottom of the page. These menus enable you to forward or backward along the tree. The main pages also being reached. The main pages will have thumbnail photos which load down very quickly. These photos can be clicked which will load secondary pages further down the tree. Some times these thumbnails will take you a page with a much larger copy of the photo. These pages have a name 'photo' and will take much longer to load. Under each photo or person will be link which will give you much information about that person.The secondary pages, also have more photos, large and small, that can be downloaded. I believe that information about the characters, is far better than just a gallery of photos. So I ask you to please contact me with comments on the site, or if you know of further information, or if you are branch of our family which is not mentioned on the site. The relation page explains the blood relations to me & Shirley, our sons & our grandchildren.
My great-grandfather, Christian Olsen, left Stavanger, Norway, with his wife to settle in London, England. Christian was an agent for a shipping line. Another branch of the family had emigrated to America earlier.
My grandfather, Johanne Martinius, was born in London, and married Violencia Penny from Wales. Three of their children emigrated to Australia, two before the Second World War, the other one with my grandparents after the war. My father stayed in England. My mother was English, whose ancestors were Irish and Scottish. Also another branch of the family had emigrated to Australia directly from Norway.
One of my wife's paternal aunt and uncle emigrated to Zimbabwe during the 1950s, and now have spread to South Africa.
The family is very large and spread around the world. Much of which is not written down. I am volunteering as many members of the family as I can to write about their section of the tree. So, if I have mentioned you, and you can improve on what I have written please let know. Also if I've not mentioned you, and you are part of our family, please intoduce yourselves to us, and expect 100's of Olsens for lunch!!!
You can write to me directly at our Contact Us page.
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