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Jackie Brothwell
b011 Jackie [Si;A;gA] was born on Saturday 18th July 1953 (1953 3rd quarter, Doncaster, folio 2b page 545). Up to 1955 the family was living at 18 Knaton Road, Carlton-in-Lindrick, Worksop. On 02/11/1955, the family emigrated to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on the Shaw Savill Line, 'SS New Australia' from Southampton to Sydney, ticket number 924. The family returned to England in Jan. 1958. She married b012 Jack Brothwell on Saturday 26th August 1989 (1989 3rd quarter, Rotherham, folio 3 page 1180).
Picture of Jackie's cats. Fred and Pussy about 1985.
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