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b0006 John Henry Brothwell was born on 02 June 1874 (1874 quarter 3, Sleaford, folio 7a page 424). In 1900 (1900 quarter 3, Mansfield, folio 7b page 150) he married b007 Alice Godfrey born on 28 January 1876 (1876 quarter 1, Chesterfield, folio 7b page 740). In 1901 they were living at Wood lane, Treeton. He was a carter at the colliery. They had a son b041 Jack Godfrey Brothwell, born on 01 June 1904 (1904 quarter 3, Rotherham, folio 9c page 737), who was married to b0005 Monica Hibbert at Norton Church in 1950 (1950 3rd quarter, Sheffield, folio 2d page 169). In 1939 they were living at 16 Rother Crescent, Rotherham. John Henry was a motor mechanic and Jack Godfrey was a coal mine enginewright.
Jack Godfrey Brothwell
b00012 Jack Godfrey Brothwell [BL;UL;gUL] was born on Saturday 19 May 1951 (1951 2nd quarter, Sheffield, folio 2d page 85). He was son of b0041 Jack Godfrey Brothwell and b0005 Monica Brothwell (née Hibbert). He married b00011 Jackie Olsen on Saturday 26 August 1989 (1989 3rd quarter, Rotherham, folio 3 page 1180).
Wedding Photo with Kate and Jef.
Wedding Photo.
Graduation Day.
Kate Brothwell
b0002 Kathryn Elizabeth Smith (née Brothwell) [stepN;step 1;step1,1R] was born on Tuesday 3 January 1978 (1978 1st quarter, Swindon, folio 23 page 1681). She is married to b1037 Christopher Smith [step N;step 1;step 1,1R]. They have two daughters: b1038 Madeleine [step gN;step 1,1R;step 2] born on Saturday 31/10/2009. She weighed 6lbs 10ozs, and b1039 Beatrice Amelia [step gN;step 1,1R;step 2] born on Saturday 25/02/2012
Photo of Kate.
Jef Brothwell
b0003 Jeffrey Charles Brothwell [stepN;step 1;step1,1R] was born on Friday 4th. May 1979 in Swindon (1979 2nd quarter, Swindon, folio 23 page 1902), England, and studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London.
As a prize-winning student he gained much experience playing both ensemble and solo repertoire, in a variety of periods and styles, on both baroque and modern trumpet.
After obtaining a first class degree he continued his studies in Sweden studying with Bo Nilsson and Håkan Hardenberger, where he concentrated more specifically on contemporary playing techniques. Jef Brothwell has participated in both the Lake Placid and the Bremen Trumpet Seminars, and has also worked in masterclasses with Antoine Curé, Edward Tarr, Wynton Marsalis and John Wallace.
As an orchestral musician, Brothwell has freelanced with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, the Manchester Camerata and the Malmo Symphony Orchestra. He was also a member of the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra for three years.
Jef Brothwell thoroughly enjoys his role as trumpeter in the ensemble, and particularly enjoys the challenge of trying to solve the many technical problems which regularly occur. He has been a member of Klangforum Wien since 2003.
Jef would also like to be a better golfer and a better cook.
Photo of Jef.
Photo of Jef playing at Klangforum.
Monica Brothwell
b0005 Monica Brothwell (née Hibbert) was born on Friday 19 February 1915 (1915 1st quarter, Ashton, folio 8d page 962), daughter of Edgar Charles Hibbert and Ethyl Mary Fearnehough, and died on 19 Sunday October 1997 (1997 Oct, Rotherham, folio 0451D page D50B/156/1097).
Monica was a Sheffield girl born and bred, and started life as one of the youngest of a large family in 1915. She was the product of a traditional father and a very caring mother, and this combination of love and directness was her hallmark for life.
As a young girl in those days she received what education was available and soon began to gain local employment. One of her earliest jobs was at Bramall Lane and as a result of that she developed a life long interest in cricket and met many of the 'greats' of the Yorkshire side.
As a young woman she very soon demonstrated her determination and strength of character. I suppose we all think of women's liberation as being a recent innovation, but some 60 years ago Monica was paving the way forward for all in that direction.
She took a great interest in driving, and in the days when no driving test was required, she simply took six lessons from Kennings garage in Sheffield, bought a car, and took to the road.
As a driver she was a 'natural' and even in the days when there were few cars and even fewer women drivers she distinguished herself as one the women in the area who earned a living from driving.
In 1939 she was living at 2 James Andrew Crescent, Sheffield, Yorkshire. She was an unemployed cook. She spent some time in the police force as a 'squad car' driver and in the war years she joined the ATS where she drove ambulances, Jeeps, buses, heavy lorries and petrol tankers, as well as being a personal driver in limousines for high ranking officers -in terms of driving, she's seen it all and done it all and more, and fifty years ago!
In fact, later on in life in 1957 when the family bought their own car, there were many who were amazed, shocked, or even petrified by her 'rally style' driving - and yet for over 40 years - the whole of her driving life, she kept a clean licence.
Her stories of war time life were abundant, and, frankly, embarrassing for the army! In the days of rationing, Monica and a friend managed to find a source of booze, stockings etc. that were available from Mablethorpe, and on many occasions, and with a combination of feminine charm, an old van, petrol 'borrowed' from the army, and a little bit of luck, they were able to provide a 'life line' of commodities for some of the honest people of Sheffield - and for quite a few of the not-so honest ones as well!
After the war she ventured forth as a businesswoman, and with her sister 'Flo' ran a very successful herbalist and confectionary shop in Handsworth. It was there, by chance, she met b0041 Jack Brothwell who 'popped' into the shop -he was a Treeton lad and had been ringing the bells in the local church.
Jack was in his forties and Monica was in her thirties, but nevertheless young love soon blossomed and they were married at Norton Church in 1950 (1950 3rd quarter, Sheffield, folio 2d page 169).
'Young' Jack was born in 1951 and the family then soon settled in Treeton, but when Jack the elder got promotion with the Coal Board in 1954, they moved to Swallownest, and Monica, then the youngest woman on Chesterfield Road flourished in her role of wife and mother .
Not long after retirement, her husband Jack passed away and Monica, determined as ever, kept herself busy. She took to home brewing and wine making and she was very fond of walking in Derbyshire. She would spend hours in her garden which gained the admiration of all who saw it.
In her latter years she became quite a 'character' on Chesterfield Road, and right to the end she was well known and loved for her hospitality , her anecdotes, and her love of whisky! She is sadly missed by all.

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