Robert Pycroft and
Martha Buck

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Robert Pycroft and Martha Buck
Johnson Morriss Affleck
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This information was researched and compiled by Joyce Affleck (neé Watson).
n564 Robert Pycroft was born in 1662 and was married to n565 Martha Buck
n566 Robert Pycroft was son of Robert and Martha Pycroft. He died in 1763. He was married to n567 Mary Woodhall. They had 2 sons: n577 Unknown Pycroft married to n576 Elizabeth Rayley and n587 James Pycroft married to n586 Sarah North
n587 James Pycroft and n586 Sarah North had 2 daughters: n588 Ann Pycroft, died in 1891, was married to n589 Unknown Brahan and n550 Sarah Pycroft, who died in 1858, and in 1826 was married to n549 Robert Cunninghame Taylor born in 1792 and died in 1879 (1879 quarter 1, Maidstone, folio 2a page 431).
n579 Oliver Pleydell was born in 1680.
n580 Martha Pleydell was daughter of Oliver Pleydell and was married to n581 Christopher Tomlinson
n582 Matilda Tomlinson was daughter of Christopher and Martha Tomlinson. She was married to n583 Charles Cox
n584 Mary Cox was daughter of Charles and Matilda Cox. She was married to n585 James North
n586 Sarah North was daughter of James and Mary North. She was married to n587 James Pycroft.
n569 Ann Morse was daughter of n568 Thomas Morse. She was married to n570 Charles Rayley, born on 5 June 1757. They had 4 sons: n571 Charles Rayley, died in 1863 (1863 quarter 2, St James, folio 1a page 304); n572 Nathaniel Roe Rayley died in 1852 (1852 quarter 2, Uxbridge, folio 3a page 14); n573 Richard Rayley, died in 1871; n575 John Rayley, born on 19 April 1775 and died in 1855 (1855 quarter 1, Greenwich, folio 1d page 465); and 3 daughters: n574 Hanna Rayley died in 1855 (1855 quarter 1, Greenwich, folio 1d page 465); n578 Ann Rayley, born on 26 December 1777; and n576 Elizabeth Rayley, born on 27 January 1776, was married to n577 Unknown Pycroft.
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