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Frances Olsen a012 Frances Olsen [M;gM;2gM] was born on Monday 12th June 1916 (1916 3rd quarter, Cheadle, folio 6b page 368) to Thomas and Lizzie Garner at 78 Dividy Lane, Caverswall, Dilhorne, Stoke-on-Trent, being the youngest of a family of six. She had 3 brothers and 2 sisters. In 1926, aged 10 years, the family moved to Langold, North Nottinghamshire, as her father, a colliery winding engineer was sent to help sink the new coal mine in Langold. (Firbeck Main). The whole family were Salvationists, and the family's love of music came out in Frances in her singing. She was a Salvation Army Songster. A picture of Frances in the 1930's with long hair.
In 1939 she was living at 81 White Avenue, Langold. Worksop, she was a domestic servant. At the beginning of the war, Frances joined the WRAAF (Women's Royal Auxiliary Air Force), as a cook, and was stationed mainly at RAF Leconsfield and RAF Driffield. Her rank was L.A.C.W. (Leading Aircraft Woman). A picture of Frances during the war, about 1940. It was while at Driffield, she met a011 John Edward Olsen, her husband to be. John was in the army, being a P.T. instructor, but had been seconded to the RAF Driffield to train the camp.
{The first meeting was frosty. John went into the Mess wanting a cup of tea, but couldn't get the urn to work. After pleading, Frances helped John, and he got his tea. Getting the first date with Frances was even harder. She was always being pestered by the pilots, many of which were foreign, so she kept any man at arm's length. John persevered and love grew and blossomed.
Frances married her John on 7th September 1942 (1942 3rd quarter, Worksop, folio 7b page 76) in Blyth Parish Church North Nottinghamshire. A picture of the Wedding Group of John and Frances taken in the Garner's back garden in Langold, Nottinghamshire. She had two children, John & Jackie, (Jacqueline), and devoted the rest of her life to John and the children. She has 4 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. They celebrated their Golden Weding anniversary on 7/9/1992.
Up to 1955 the family was living at 18 Knaton Road, Carlton-in-Lindrick, Worksop. On 02/11/1955, the family emigrated to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, on the Shaw Savill Line, 'SS New Australia' from Southampton to Sydney, ticket number 924. The family returned to England in Jan. 1958.
{John was born in the Ashley Grove Nursing Home in Worksop. During the 60's, the nursing home closed, and reopened as the Ashley Grove Hotel. Not long after son John married Shirley, Frances pointed out to Shirley where John was born. Shirley, who saw the funny side, said to John (son) 'there I told you, you were born in a pub'. Frances was cross and deeply offended.
Frances was always singing- a mixture of hymns, Salvation Army choruses, and songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's. Her music love was brass bands and big bands - Jack Payne being her favourite. Her hobby was knitting. She was always ready to help and care for her neighbours and family. In later years as John (husband) became progressively more poorly, after suffering strokes, Frances devoted more and more of herself in nursing him until his going to his Lord in 1994. A picture of Frances about 1995. After that Frances's health began to worsen, until she wasn't able to look after herself, and so she went into Snapethorpe Hall, a local nursing home for the elderly. From Christmas 2002, her health deteriated rapidly, until she went to her Lord on 6th. March 2003 (2003 Mar, Wakefield, folio 0991B page B56A/024/303). Her love of Jesus, shone through her whole life, even through difficult times.

Photograph of Frances Olsen, John Christian Olsen, Lucy Louise Olsen, Ashley John Olsen and Danniella Louise Olsen about 2002.
Wedding picture of John Edward and Frances Garner in Blyth 7/9/1942
Picture of Frances Olsen c1942
Picture of grave of Lizzie Garner and John Edward and Frances Olsen 1995.
Picture of Baby John on rocking horse and Frances Olsen. London 1947.
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