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Shirley June Olsen a022 I [W;M;gM] was an average baby, born on Tuesday 10th. June 1941 (1941 2nd quarter, Croydon, folio 2a page 1341) at 45 Foxley Road, Thornton Heath and registered on 01 July 1941, but was very thin as a child, which was the way I stayed until I married. I disliked school, because of teasing. In my teens I had to go a health school, somewhere near Reading. When I was 15 years old I found Jesus at Robins Mission (London). After leaving school I worked at Gestetners until I was 24 years old. I then studied for two years at Moorlands Bible College. I moved to Exmouth, Devon, with my parents, and it was there that I met a021 John Olsen. We married on 19th August 1972 (1972 3rd quarter, Devon C, folio 7a page 1142). From October 1967 to January 1969 I worked at Stoke Lyne Hospital for handicapped children. I spent two years there as an assistant nurse caring for mentally disabled children from 5 to 15 years. I was encouraged to do my S.E.N. (State Enroled Nurse) which I did from Exmouth Hospital from January 1969 and passing in December 1971. Part of my training was at Exeter RD & E hospital where I did my children's orthopaedics, theatre training, caring for the elderly and 3 months training with the district nurse. From February 1971 to June 1972 I returned to Stoke Lyne Hospital. From June 1972 to March 1973 I worked as a Silver Waitress at the Imperial Hotel in Exmouth. In March 1973 we moved to Tavistock and initially I had a job making soldering irons. On 22/02/1974 our first son, a031 John Christian Olsen was born. From October 1974 to February 1988 I worked at Chollacot Nursing Home in Tavistock. I was in charge of four assistants and was able to dispense drugs. On 28/08/1976 our second son, a041 Thurstan Richard Olsen was born. For 5 years I worked at the weekends, but changed to 3 nights a week for 8 years once my boys were of school age. On 15/03/1988 we moved into Horbury Bridge Post Office, which was a subpostoffice, corner shop and sandwich takeaway. During our time in the Post office I was catering manageress in charge of the kitchen and preparation of the sandwiches. During 1990/1991 I had major surgery with an hysterectomy and ovariectomy. During 1995/1996 I had surgery again, this time for a cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder). From October 2000 to September 2001 as well as working in the Post office I returned to nursing and worked as a care assistant at Snapethorpe Nursing Home. Whilst there I completed and passed my Return To Practice certificate. In 2002 we managed at last to sell the Post office, so we moved to a new house in Horbury. In 2004 I developed appendicitis and had an appendicectomy. Apart from baby sitting and normal housekeeping duties, I am now retired.
In June 2011 I celebrated my 70th birthday. John gave me a surprise, although I knew about it, party in the Ship Inn. It was a good and joyous time with family friends and neighbours.
On 19/08/2012, John and I celebrated our ruby wedding, 40 years. We renewed our wedding vows during a party held in our garden on 11/08/2012. Ian and Julie Nundy, our church pastors, officiated. It was a brilliant day with family, friends, and neighbours. We bought two gazebos. Jack and Jackie played the music for us. Jackie and John both gave us a speech.

Picture of John and Shirley's Wedding Day group.
Picture of John & Shirley Cutting the Cake. Notice John Edward Olsen and Doris Winifred Goodman.
Picture of John & Shirley ready to go on honeymoon..
Picture of John & Shirley June 2007.
Picture of our 5 Grandkids.
Picture of Shirley as a nurse.
Picture of Shirley Olsen.
Picture of young Shirley Olsen.
Picture of Shirley and Derek and Sylvia.
Picture of Shirley and 70th Birthday Cake.
Picture of 70th Birthday Presents.
Picture of Ruby Wedding - Ian, Julie,Shirley and John.
Picture of Ruby Wedding - Renewing Wedding Vows.
Picture of Ruby Wedding - Shirley and John.
Picture of Ruby Wedding - Friends.
Picture of Shirley in Spain 2015.
Picture of Shirley's 75th birthday 10/06/2016.
Picture of Mothering Sunday - Shirley and John 2016.
Picture of Maize Maze - Shirley and John 16/08/2017.
Picture of Lucy, John, Shirley and Bethany at Scarborough 2014.
Picture of Nell, Finn, Bethany, Lucy, Ashley and Shirley at Swithern Farm 2014.
Picture of Shirley at family at camp - Reeth N. Yorkshire August 2011.
Picture of Family at camp - Reeth N. Yorkshire August 2011.

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