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Code Surname Christian Name Artifact Page Tree Page Info Page No.
A Goodman Doris Winifred artifacta e01 e02 36
B Olsen Frances artifactb a01 a012 97
C Barnfield George Edward artifactc f02 f02 1
D Goodman George James artifactd e01 e02 6
E Olsen John Edward artifacte a01 a011 122
F Penney Caroline Valencia artifactf n01 n01 1
G Garner Thomas artifactg j01 j01 6
H Garner Lizzie artifacth j01 j01 7
I Brothwell Jacqueline artifacti a01 b011 18
J Olsen Johan Martinius artifactj m01 m01 5
K Penney Edward artifactk n02 n01 2
L Goodman Malcolm artifactl e01 e02 4
M Lamprecht Lindy artifactm m02 m02 2
N Garner James artifactn j01 j01 7
O Brothwell Monica artifacto b04 b011 1
P Poulton Julia Carole artifactp h03 h03 1
Q Thomas Pete artifactq m02 m06 7
R Rhead Enoch artifactr k05 k01 1
S Olsen Valencia Ann Harper artifacts m01 m01 8
T Campbell Duncan artifactt m03 m02 3
U Nord Stella artifactu m02 m02 10
V Garner Jack artifactv j04 j04 2
W Olsen John artifactw a02 a021 150
X Olsen John Christian artifactx a02 a031 49
XA Olsen Nell Jennifer artifactxa a02 a05 4
XB Olsen Ashley John artifactxb a02 a05 2
XC Olsen Finn Oliver artifactxc a02 a05 1
Y Olsen Thurstan Richard artifacty a02 a041 44
Z Olsen Shirley June artifactz a02 a022 112
TA Campbell Mandia artifactta m03 m02 5
YA Olsen Lucy Louise artifactya a02 a06 10
YB Olsen Bethany Ann artifactyb a02 a06 10
YC Olsen Lisa Jane artifactyc a02 c011 1
HA Garner Lizzie (daughter) artifactha j01 j01 5
JA Lange Alfred & Tordis artifactja p03 p01 3
UA Nord Albert & Sophie artifactua m02 m02 1
DA Goodman John George artifactda r01 r01 1
JB Olsen Mander artifactjb o01 o01 1
UB Leppenan Peter artifactub m02 m02 2
AA Read Phyllis Constance artifactaa g05 g09 1
CA Jeal Nellie Louise artifactca f02 f02 1
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